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Ice Fishing


  In Lapland, the smallest lakes freeze usually in late October and the bigger lakes

in November - December. The ice-fishing season lasts from November to end of May.

  October - November - Just after the lakes have got a thin ice cover perch and

grayling are usually active and the catch can be very good. Especially if there aren´t

much snow covering the ice yet. Arround New Year the days are short and weather

may be from 0℃ down to -40℃. The few "light" hours around noon are the best for

ice-fishing in November to January.



  February the days are getting lighter and longer and perch, pike, grayling, trout

and arctic char is getting more and more active. The best ice-fishing season has

started. From March untill end of May fantastic ice-fishing trip time. The days

are long, sun shines and the nature shows it´s best parts! Weather may be

from +15℃ or, during night, down to -15℃. The ice-fishing season ends usually

in the middle of May, depending on the ice and snow condition, weather and how

far away to the North trip takes place!


   Ice fishing trips are individually prepared and can last from few hours to several

days! Also location and accommodation of ice fishing trip is entirely up to Your

wishes – Finnish, Swedish or Norwegian Lapland!