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Fishing in Rovaniemi and in Lapland

Rovaniemi area


   We organise different kind of fishing trips and landscape excursions in Rovaniemi area in accordance with the customer's wishes. Good fishing waters here are rivers Kemijoki and Ounasjoki, lakes Miekkojärvi, Raanujärvi, Yli-Suolijärvi, Unarijärvi... We provide all-kind fishing – trolling, jigging, spinning, fly fishing for salmon and trout, rainbow trout and grayling, great places for pike and zander, ice fishing around the Rovaniemi waters!
  There are no time limits for the trips - few hours, day or several days, and the fishing trip can take place during day or night time! By the campfire, fish delicacies can be prepared.


  Boat Trolling Tour

  Departure: agreement
  Price:          75 € / hour
  Duration:   minimum 2 hours

Tornio and Muonio rivers

  River Tornionjoki is a major stream flowing almost in a natural state on the border between Finland and Sweden. The river is the largest free-flowing salmon river in Europe and catches have increased sharply in recent years. The most well-known rapids in River Tornionjoki are the Kukkolankoski, Matkakoski and Vuennonkoski Rapids, listed in order starting from downstream. Moving upriver, you'll meet the Korpikoski Rapids, the Lampassuvanto Pool and the Kirakka and Lappea areas. On River Tornionjoki, salmon and sea trout are pursued by trolling plugs on rowing boats. You can also fish from the banks and flies are also used on rapids areas. However, the best way to comb through the hot spots is to fish from a boat.


Inari lake

  Lake Inari, in the Lapland area of northern Finland, is a hot fishing destination. Also called Lake Inarijarvi, the huge lake near the northern tip of Finland is well-known as an ideal fishing lake for brown trout, lake trout, lake salmon, grayling, Arctic char, perch and whitefish. The third-largest lake in Finland, Lake Inari is nearly 260,000 acres holds several large 'lakes' within it and over 3000 islands.

  Basicly we fish for lake Salmon, Trout and Arctic Char. Most popular fishing type here is trolling! Trolling suits everybody, young as well as old, man or woman. You can be completely inexperienced, as the fishing guide will help setting the rods and the suitable baits. More than 10 fishing rods are used and the baits are pulled forward at slow speed by the boat. The boat is a well equipped 6.5 m Silver Shark Cabin or similar, one of the best Finlands fishing boats for Trolling. It is certified for 6 passengers, but when used for fishing 3 – 5 passengers are recommended.

  The trolling fishing tours are suitable for conference guests, business people - their customers and/or personnel, tourists and fishing enthusiasts. Why not give a Trolling charter tour as a present to someone who will have an unforgettable experience on one of the best fishing lakes in northern Finland.

Booking can be made for a day or why not for a whole week. Just the boat trip itself with the nature scenery and the equipment on board is well worth a booking. Accommodation in well equipted private cabins and state huts!


     FIN Fishing in Lake Inari


Teno river

  Over the years river Teno has become a true phenomenon amongst salmon fishermen – it is most productive salmon river in Europe. River Teno, or Tenojoki, is located in the subarctic area within a river valley surrounded by high mountains known as fjelds.
  On this major stream, people fish for salmon both from the shores and on boats. Graceful Teno boats, which are easy to row in the strong current, are available for hire. Along the river there are places for all kinds of fishing. Flyfishing and rowing allowed in all parts of the river.  

  FIN Fishing inTeno, Karigasniemi, en